Stash Your Income from Holiday Jobs

The winter holidays are an excellent time to earn some extra cash to help pay for college expenses. College application fees, tuition, books, and room and board costs are in your future so every little bit saved will benefit you in the long run. Now is the time to start looking for a short-term holiday job to add to your college savings. It’s a good idea to save your income from holiday work and budget your money instead of buying lots of gifts or spending it on entertainment. Remember, every dollar you save now is one less dollar you’ll need when you start college. You can still have a fun relaxing winter break while working part-time so don’t let that stop you!

Research the costs at the college of your choice and set a specific goal for how to use holiday earnings. This is a perfect time to start planning how to budget your money. Setting specific goals and creating a spending plan will focus your energy, time and resources plus give you a better understanding of how you should prepare for college costs. For more ideas and resources about saving and managing money, check out the Oklahoma Money Matters (OKMM) Your Money Matters guide for high school students.

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