Spring Scholarships are Available

There are scholarships available throughout the year and spring is no exception! This is also an excellent time to start applying for scholarships, if you haven’t already. It’s never too late and any money you can earn to help pay for college is well worth the effort. So where can you find spring scholarships?

  • College websites – Institutional scholarships are often available at various times throughout the year. Continually check the websites of the schools you’re interested in to see if new awards are offered
  • Financial aid office – Check with the college financial aid office to ask about any available scholarships. Many scholarships are offered to new freshmen. The financial aid office can also help you with additional financial aid options.
  • UCanGo2.org – Our UCanGo2.org website shares scholarships organized by category and deadline. There are scholarship deadlines year-round and categories for a wide variety of interests and special situations.
  • OKcollegestart.org – Create a scholarship profile on OKcollegestart.org to be matched with numerous scholarships that align with your interests, hobbies, family ethnicity and more.

Take advantage of the information in UCanGo2’s Are You Looking for Money? guide. It offers tips for scholarship success, a list of specialized scholarships, and website links where you can find additional scholarship options.