FAFSA Resources

Completing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid, or FAFSA, is a necessary task for every high school senior and college student in need of financial aid to help with educational expenses.  If you find the completion process to be somewhat challenging, UCanGo2 is here to provide you with some very helpful information and resources.

StudentAid.govStudentAid.gov provides a plethora of information on the full financial aid process, including the link to completing your FAFSA application. You’ll also create your FSA ID here, which is the username and password you’ll use to sign and submit your FAFSA. Check out the resources available here for parents and students alike. Remember, the StudentAid.gov website is also available in Spanish.

FSA ID Worksheet – As you set up your FSA ID to access and sign your FAFSA form, use our FSA ID Worksheet to keep track of your information. Every student and either one parent or the student’s spouse will be required to set up an FSA ID. Visit UCanGo2 to find and print our FSA ID Worksheet in English and Spanish!

Spanish FAFSA Resources – There are many resources available in Spanish to assist those families completing the FAFSA. UCanGo2 and StudentAid offer these tools:

Finish the FAFSA in Five Steps – UCanGo2 offers this tool that provides five simple and easy steps to help you understand the FAFSA process, the documents you’ll need to complete your FAFSA, and the sequence of events that occur after your application has been processed.

FAFSA Facts –The FAFSA Facts flyer provides a list of frequently asked questions about the FAFSA, its purpose, and a few helpful hints about what to expect.

FAFSA Fundamentals – The FAFSA Fundamentals PowerPoint offers a more in-depth look at the FAFSA process, financial aid programs that most colleges offer and an explanation of the aid offer provided by your school.

FAFSA Learning Modules – UCanGo2 offers five FAFSA Learning Modules that provide detailed information to help you successfully complete your FAFSA. The modules cover these topics:

Please contact our office at UCanGo2@ocap.org if you have questions. We’re happy to help!