What Are You Doing on Spring Break?

Spring Break is the perfect opportunity for college planning, no matter how much work you’ve already done. We have some questions for you:

  • Have you submitted your FAFSA? If not, submit it soon! Before you begin, round up the things you’ll need:
    • Your 2021 tax return and/or W-2(s)
    • The current total of your cash, savings and checking accounts
    • ‘Other’ income not listed on your W-2(s)
    • Social Security card
    • Driver license

High school seniors are usually “dependent” students, so your parents will probably also need these items along with the amount of child support received or paid in 2021, other income and the net worth of their current investments. For a list of the questions you’ll answer to determine your dependency status, see our FAFSA Dependency Questionnaire.

  • Have you visited any college campuses? If you can’t tour a campus in person, most colleges are offering virtual tours. Spring Break is the perfect time to check out as many campuses as you wish. OKcollegestart.org provides a list of virtual campus tours in Oklahoma that are available 24/7. Once you’ve made your decision, be sure to contact your college of choice and begin the application process ASAP.
  • Have you applied for scholarships? If the amount of financial aid a college offers you isn’t enough to pay your entire cost of attendance for one year of college, scholarships are ‘free money’ that can be used to help cover the rest. There’s no limit to the number of scholarship applications you can submit. Since you probably won’t get every one you apply for, submitting as many applications as possible will help to improve your chances of winning. Here’s a tip: A ‘local’ scholarship offered by a source that’s closer to home will usually have a smaller pool of applicants, meaning you’ll have less competition. To start your search, visit the Scholarships section at UCanGo2.org and the Financial Aid Planning section at OKcollegestart.org. The Oklahoma City Community Foundation (OCCF.org) and Tulsa Community Foundation (TulsaCF.org) are great places to find more localized scholarships for students in Oklahoma.