Apply for Scholarships

For 2023, Sallie Mae research indicates that 61% of families used scholarships to help pay for college. They also found that the average dollar amount from scholarships reported by families increased by 29%, or $1,781 from the previous year. This is great news for you! Scholarships are an important and viable source for money to help fund your college education. offers lots of resources to help you navigate the scholarship process.

  • The Scholarship Success Guide offers Tips for Scholarship Success, a list of reliable scholarship websites and specialized scholarships.
  • Search for scholarships using the Scholarships by Deadline and Scholarships by Category listings at A Scholarship of the Week is posted every Monday so check back often!
  • Oklahoma provides millions of dollars in scholarships and grants to qualified students each year. Check out Oklahoma’s State Aid options.
  • Use the Are You Looking for Money guide to find information about paying for college with grants, scholarships and federal loans.

Take advantage of the fact that scholarships are offered to students based upon more than good grades! There are scholarships based on need, hobbies, volunteer work, residency, family history, athletics, majors, interests, employers, plus many more. Do your research and find scholarships for as many categories as possible.

Scholarships are also an option for every grade level and aren’t limited to just seniors. There are scholarships available for most grades including elementary, middle school and high school. Apply today!