Scholarship Tools

Have you applied for scholarships to help with education expenses? If not, you should do it now! There are scholarships available for students of all ages and UCanGo2 has the resources to help you succeed.

Visit to find:

  • The Scholarship Success Guide offers tips on finding and applying for scholarships. Also listed are a variety of scholarship websites as well as links to several Oklahoma tribal entities.
  • The Scholarship Tracker is a new publication that allows students to keep a record of the scholarships they’re interested in, the deadline date, award amount and more.
  • Scholarship Essay Tips provides helpful instruction on what to consider when writing an essay, why essays are requested by some scholarship providers, and some sample essay prompts used on various applications.
  • The Scholarships 101 PowerPoint shares information on scholarship sources, types of scholarships offered, scholarship websites and the importance of including all required documents when you submit your application. also offers a weekly scholarship posted every Monday, and scholarships sorted by deadline and category. Check out these free resources as you search for funding for your college or career tech education.