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Are you still deciding which college, university or career technology school you’ll attend after graduation? If so, you’re in luck! OKcollegestart’s College Planning Tools can offer you the information you’ll need to make your choice. Narrow down your choices using the School Exploration Tools which include the School Finder, College Matching Assistant, Distance Search and Compare Schools side-by-side to see how they stack up.

Let’s look at the School Finder and how it can work to assist you. Once you create an account on, click the College Planning tab, and then the Explore Postsecondary Schools button. The School Finder allows you to search for institutions that match your needs from a comprehensive list of characteristics. You’ll make choices on criteria important to you including key factors like location, public vs. private, school size and school setting. Other characteristics you can use to narrow down your list are the services provided by these offices: Admissions, Costs and Financial Aid, Academics, Student Affairs, Sports, Campus Life, and Career Services. Use as many criteria as you wish, and then review the list of school results based on the characteristics you provided.

As you narrow down your final list, click on the school name(s) listed to see an At a Glance overview. You’ll find a direct link to the institution’s website as well, which is the best resource for all the details. The Compare Your Selections link will show you how the selected school(s) compare to the characteristics you picked in the School Finder.

One of the most important things you can do as you make your final decision on a college, university or career tech after high school is to make sure you’re attending an institution that meets your needs academically, financially, and socially. Do your homework to make sure you’re selecting the best possible choice for you. Give a try and visit to find resources on how to Plan, Prepare and Pay for College.