Senior Timeline

Being a senior comes with a lot of additional responsibilities … testing, college applications, applying for scholarships, preparing for graduation … which makes finding time to organize very difficult. That’s why UCanGo2 has put together a Senior Timeline offering you a plan for each month of your senior year to stay on track and not miss any important requirements.

  • Set up your FSA ID in November.
  • Fill out the FAFSA for financial aid in December.
  • Confirm with your counselor that transcripts will be sent to your proposed institutions in January.
  • Make sure you’ll finish your ICAP by graduation in February.
  • Review financial aid offers from your colleges in March.
  • Make sure you’re set to graduate in April
  • And more …

Review the timeline for tips on other college planning requirements. can help as you plan, prepare and pay for your college education.

Find the Senior Timeline on This flyer is available to you in English and Spanish!