Career Assessments provides career planning resources for all ages, including assessments to help you learn about yourself. Career assessments will help you identity strengths and challenges, understand your interests, match your goals to your talents, and provide reassurance you’re on the right track. Explore these career assessments at

  • Interest Profiler– identifies interests you have and matches them to careers
  • Career Cluster Survey – quick survey to find career clusters that are right for you
  • Basic Skills Survey – Find careers that require your basic skills
  • Transferable Skills Checklist – See how the skills you’ve learned may lead to new opportunities
  • Work Values Sorter – Find your work values and match them to career options
  • The Career Key – Discover your career interest areas in a few quick steps

Aligning your interests and skills with your career will increase motivation, help you set career goals and take action to achieve those goals. Other career planning resources at include a resume builder, cover letter creator, job interview practice and a library of advice from career experts.

Another way to explore careers you may be interested in is to get a summer job. A summer job will also improve your resume, help you gain new skills and build up your nest egg to help meet financial needs for your first year of college! Even though a summer job may not be in the field you plan to pursue, experience will build your skillset and confidence. For example, a summer job as a retail associate will help you learn customer service, business and industry knowledge, time management, problem solving, plus more. 

Enjoy your summer break!