Here’s a list of websites and publications available to help you understand and complete the FAFSA.




FAFSA Completion ChartFigure out when to use which forms with the FAFSA Completion Chart.




FAFSA Facts, a flyer that provides students and parents with must-know facts about completing the FAFSA.




PDF of Dependency Q and A opens in a new tabUCanGo2’s Dependency Questionnaire, a tool to help you determine if you’re an independent or dependent student.



PDF of Finish the FAFSA in Five Steps opens in a new tabFinish the FAFSA in Five Steps brochure, a UCanGo2 publication that breaks the FAFSA process into five steps.




PDF of FAFSA Parent Flyer opens in a new tab

FAFSA Parent Flyer, a publication for parents with helpful information about FAFSA completion.



Your Transition to College opens in a new tabYour Transition to College, a brochure that helps high school students understand the differences between high school and college, and make the transition.


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