Start the Year Out Right!

No matter where you are in the college planning process, January is a good time to take stock of what’s been accomplished and what should be a priority. Follow our tips below to make this month a good step in the right direction.

J – Join
Join as many clubs and community programs as possible during your high school years. Working with, and helping others, will broaden your learning and show your willingness to offer support as you complete college and scholarship applications.

A – Apply
If you’re a senior and you’ve decided where you’d like to attend college, apply now! You’ll find tips for successfully completing a college application on

Seniors, and students of all ages, should be applying for scholarships! There are numerous awards for students from elementary school through adulthood. Find a list of scholarships on and

N – New
As you prepare for a college education, you’ll learn all sorts of new things about choosing a career, finding the best college for you, and mastering the research process as you review all things related to higher ed.

U –
Check out to find helpful college planning information for students from kindergarten through the senior year of high school. UCanGo2 provides resources and publications to help you plan, prepare and pay for college.

A – Aid
If you’re currently a senior, you should apply for financial aid to help cover your educational expenses. Completing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid, or FAFSA, in October every year is your first step in the financial aid process. To learn more about federal and state financial aid, please download Are You Looking for Money?.

R – Read
To be fully prepared for life after high school, you should read and take advantage of the educational tools that are available to you and your family.

OCAP offers a variety of websites with information on planning for college, researching institutions in Oklahoma and across the country to determine their cost, classes provided, financial aid offered and FAFSA completion info, scholarship databases, learning modules on financial literacy, tips for understanding and successfully repaying student loans, and much more!

Y – You
After all the research and hard work you’ve put into finding the perfect higher education institution, remember that college is all about YOU! This is your time to learn how to be successful in your dream job, meet all kinds of new people with different cultures and ideas, and transition into adulthood.