OCAP Spanish Resources

In our continuing efforts to ensure that all Oklahoma students and their families have access to valuable college planning information, the Oklahoma College Assistance Program is offering helpful publications and tools in Spanish, click here.

College Planning
¿Estás planeando ir a la Universidad?
(Are You Planning to Go to College? – flyer)

FSA ID Worksheet / Instrucciones para sacar una FSA ID
(FSA ID worksheet – flyer)

  • Guides students and parents through the process of creating the FSA ID, a username and password used to sign, submit and edit the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Space is provided to write down the answers given in each field.
  • FSA ID worksheet, Spanish


  • Subtitled in Spanish: Para ver este video con una traducción al español, haga clic en el botón Configuración y elija la opción ‘Subtítulos en español’


  • Offers comprehensive resources on college and career exploration as well as financial aid and scholarships for students of all ages
  • The entire site can be viewed in over 100 languages

Oklahoma’s Promise Resources
La Promesa de Oklahoma

  • Oklahoma’s Promise offers eligible students free college tuition at state institutions, and a partial tuition at eligible career technology centers and private institutions
  • Scholarship applications, along with other tools, are available in Spanish
  • Oklahoma’s Promise Resources


StudentAid.gov offers beneficial information on all types of financial aid for college, loan repayment, loan forgiveness, publications and graphics, as well as the FAFSA application platform. The entire website can be viewed in Spanish.