Make the Most of Spring Break

The first day of spring is March 19 and it’s time to get started on to-do’s that will ensure a good start to college next year. Make the most of your spring break by checking these items off your list.

  • If you haven’t started or completed your Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), Spring Break is a perfect time to get it done. Everything you need to know about completing the application is found on the Resources page which includes these publications:
  • Remember to request that your final high school transcript be sent to the school(s) to which you have applied.
  • If you have questions about your college application, deadlines, housing or other items, call the admission office at your college of choice.
  • Check in with the financial aid office at the institution(s) to which you have applied if you have questions about your completed FAFSA or your FAFSA Submission Summary.
  • There are still scholarships available for the 2024-25 school year and there’s no limit to the number of scholarship applications you can submit. Since you probably won’t get every scholarship you apply for, submitting as many applications as possible will help improve your chances. Here’s a tip: A “local” scholarship offered by a source that’s closer to home will usually have a smaller pool of applicants, meaning you’ll have less competition.

To start your search, visit the Scholarships section at and the Financial Aid Planning section at The Oklahoma City Community Foundation (OCCF) is a good source for local scholarships for Oklahoma students. You should also talk to your high school counselor about scholarships. Check out our Are You Looking for Money? guide that has some terrific information regarding scholarships, as well as a list of reputable sites to search for scholarships.

The first day of your freshman year of college is not that far away and taking care of business now will pay off big time. Start checking these items off your list so that you’re ready for success! For more senior checklist items, check out our Senior Timeline.