Making Ends Meet

To save money to help cover college finances, consider these tips.

  • Housing
    • If possible, live at home even if only for a year or two. Often, the cost of housing and food is more than tuition at college, so it’s a great money-saving option.
    • Private dorm rooms cost more than having a roommate so be willing to share.
    • If you live off campus, explore housing that is less expensive than the college dorm and find roommates to split costs.
  • Food
    • Colleges have several meal plans and it’s doubtful you’ll eat three meals a day on campus for the entire year. So, choose a plan that makes sense financially.
    • Pool your money and share meals with roommates.
    • Use restaurant and grocery store coupons.
    • Don’t splurge on eating out often.
  • Textbooks
    • Buy used textbooks when you can.
    • Look online for used book deals and search for textbooks you can rent. Remember to return rented books on time so you aren’t charged the full cost of the book.
    • Attend classes before purchasing textbooks in case you don’t need them. Some instructors provide notes and online resources and it may be the textbook isn’t necessary.
    • Consider sharing a textbook with another student if it makes sense.

If you still need additional funding to cover some of your expenses, try applying for scholarships or getting a part-time job on or off campus. There are lots of options available.

Good luck!